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ShikaTema: Obsession
A quick glance. A smile. Nothing more. Temari felt the wind ruffle her hair as he passed. His scent. His dark eyes, and wonderful hair. Every last breathtaking detail. His laziness being his only vice. And sometimes greatest strenght. She smiled, and started walking. Following his every move closely. His posture, his way of walking... She caught every detail.
She kept her distance. Not wanting him to notice her. He walked out of town. Into the woods. Where she knew he liked to wander to be alone with his thoughts. But this time, she'd join him. How long had it lasted? This obsession... She had no idea. After their encounter at the Chuunin exam she had been curious. He was so lazy, but still capable of defeating her. 'Cause he had. Everyone knew that. Even though he had given up, giving her the official victory, everyone considered him the winner. She was no exception. After that, it had spiraled out of control... Her need to see him every day, her strange fantasies surrounding him and
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En sykkeltur gjennom livet...
Å nå den siste milepælen
Du har kanskje kjent det. Du har kanskje lagt merke til det når du ser deg selv i speilet om morgenen. Du blir eldre. Den biologiske klokken din tikker og går. Som et atomur i stødig fart direkte mot gamlehjem og voksenbleier. Men det er lenge til. Veldig lenge til. Er det ikke? For ungdommen virker det som en evighet. De eldre virker som om de helt har glemt tiden og husker som det var i går at de tok sin første sykkeltur. Personlig husker jeg ikke min. Men jeg er ganske sikker på at sykkelen min var rød. Med blå striper og ringeklokke. Jeg elsket den sykkelen. Så ble vi uvenner i en nedoverbakke og den kastet meg av og ned i en grøft. Siden da har ingen sett den.  
Kanskje det er sånn vi kan se på livet. Som en sykkeltur. I begynnelsen bruker vi støttehjul og trenger egentlig ikke særlig med annen hjelp. Så begynner vi på skolen og støttehjulene fjern
:iconscarecrow606:Scarecrow606 3 13
Esbern Nightwatch: The Loremaster by Scarecrow606 Esbern Nightwatch: The Loremaster :iconscarecrow606:Scarecrow606 4 0


Wee! Shufflethingy stolen from Susapuff!

HP themed, this one is..

Put your iPod on shuffle and fill in the blanks with the song that comes up, no matter how weird it sounds.

1. You're walking down the hallway when you bump into Snape. He's angry and says, "Lullaby!"

2. After that, you go to see your friends. Your friend apparently had a dungbomb exploded on him. Gross! You exclaim, "Good Life!"

3. You tell him to take a shower, but he tries to make an excuse by saying, "Beat It!"

4. When you're done forcing your friend into a shower, you see Draco and his friends abusing a first year. You yell at him, "One Step Closer!" (Already making sense...)

5. Draco gets in your face and says, "Samantha!" (Uuuhh...)

6. You slap him. Snape sees you do this. He says, "Nightmare!"

7. Snape sends you to Dumbledore. Dumbledore says, "Kajitsu no Keikoku" (What a very Dumbledorian thing to say...)

8. Once you're sent out of Dumbledore's office, you see your lover making out with your enemy. You cry, "Release me!"

9. Tears streaming out of your eyes, you make your way to the Common Room. On the way there, you bump into Harry. Harry says, "Lasso!" and cheers you up.

10. Fred and George also see you. They cheer you up by replying, "Demons!" and they promised to prank back your enemy.

11. You thank Harry and the twins by saying, "Man Down!"

12.  By the time you reach your Common Room, you realize it's dinner time. When you get to the Great Hall, you walk by Hagrid. He smells pretty bad, but you don't want to hurt his feelings. You say, "Thnks fr th Mmrs" (Okeeei...)

13. Once dinner was over, Draco walks to you and says rudely, "When We Stand Togheter!" (Logic!)

14. Suddenly, a HUGE dungbomb flies out of nowhere and smacks into Draco's head. It didn't get on you, but you know it was work of the twins. You give them a thumbs up and say, "Nine in the afternoon" (o.O)

15. Wow! What an eventful day at Hogwarts! Before you fall asleep, you whisper to yourself "In the End" then you smile and fall asleep.

The songs were:
1. Lullaby - Nickelback
2. Good Life - OneRepublic
3. Beat It! - Fall Out Boy
4. One Step Closer - Linkin Park
5. Samantha - Margaret Berger
6. Nightmare - Avenged Sevenfold (A7x)
7. Kajitsu no Keikoku - Kanon Wakeshima
8. Release Me - Agnes
9. Lasso - Phoenix
10. Demons - Imagine Dragons
11. Man Down - Rihanna
12. Thnks fr th Mmrs - Fall Out Boy
13. When We Stand Togheter - Nickelback
14. Nine in the Afternoon - Panic! At the Disco
15. In the End - Linkin Park

This must be one of the wierdest shuffles I've ever taken... o.O


Well, what to say... I'm a random guy from from Norway... (The country of Northern Lights and polar bears!!! Or just faaaaaar away. :p ) , who loves writing, music, pokemon, Naruto etc. :)

Yeah, I know what you're all thinking: "Oh man, he's like 18 years old and still loves Pokemon.."
Well up yours smellyheads, POKEMON RULE! ^^

I'm a geek and proud of it! ;D

I'm the pokemon professor Robert Blackwood! :D

" I'm in love with my lust, burning angelwings to DUST" - Thomas

Current Residence: Åmot - Norway
Favourite genre of music: Everything, really! ^^
Favourite style of art: Writing
Favourite cartoon character: Konan
Personal Quote: "What can be asserted without reason can be denied without reason."



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